Managing Seasonal Allergies

We’ve managed to make it through a pretty harsh Winter (by CA standards), and Spring is now upon us.  Along with the warmer  temperatures and plentiful sunshine comes constant sniffling, sneezing, and itchy, water eyes–at least that’s what happens to me every Spring.

If you’re like me, you or your child may suffer from allergic rhinitis, or more commonly known as seasonal allergies.  Pollen is usually a trigger of the aforementioned symptoms.

Pollen counts are highest during windy days and earliest in the morning, so it is advisable to keep your child indoors during those times, if possible.  Engage your child with puzzles and games that can be played indoors.

Take measures to replace your indoor air filters every 3 months with HEPA filters that will help prevent pollen from your circulating in your home’s air supply.

There are also a number of over the counter drugs that you can take before going outdoors such as Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra that are pretty effective for treating seasonal allergies.  Each of these anti-histamines comes in a “- D” version, which denotes an additional decongestant that will help with your child’s runny nose.

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