Your Child’s Vaccination Schedule

Are you wondering how often you should vaccinate your child, and what vaccines he/she should be receiving, if any? I’ve compiled the table below to give you a good idea of when and what vaccines should be administered based on your child’s age (use the vaccine legend table in the previous post in conjunction):

Age Vaccines
6 wks. – 2 mos. DtaP #1 HIB #1 Prevnar #1 Hep B #1
4 months DtaP #2 HIB #2 Prevnar #2 IPV #1
6 months DtaP #3 HIB #3 Prevnar #3 IPV #2
9 months Hep B #2      
12 months MMR #1 Varivax Prevnar #4  
15 months Hep B #3 IPV #3    
18 months DtaP #4 HIB #4    
2 years Hep A #1      
2.5 – 3 years Hep A #2      
5 years DtaP #5 IPV #4 MMR #2  
10 years Td – adult      
15 years Td – adult      

Note that there are always some mild to moderate side effects associated with any of the vaccines mentioned. It’s important to completely understand all risks before getting your child vaccinated, so call and ask! We’d be happy to talk to you about it.

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